Celebrating Lowell George: A Tribute Album That Gives Back to Musicians

The release of “Long Distance Love – A Sweet Relief Tribute to Lowell George” stands as a notable event in the music industry, celebrating the legacy of Lowell George while supporting a noble cause. This double LP, organized by Sweet Relief, features a stellar lineup of artists who reinterpret George’s diverse catalog, showcasing the enduring impact of his work.

About Lowell George

Lowell George, a native of Hollywood, California, was a key figure in the rock band Little Feat, renowned for his exceptional guitar skills, distinctive vocals, and songwriting prowess. Before founding Little Feat with Bill Payne, George was a member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention. Over his seven-year tenure with Little Feat, the band released eight albums, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to influence musicians today. George passed away in 1979, but his music lives on, inspiring new generations.

The Tribute Album

The tribute album features 25 tracks, performed by a diverse group of artists including Elvis Costello, Ben Harper, and Dave Alvin. Each artist brings their unique style to George’s songs, creating a rich tapestry of interpretations that honor the original compositions while introducing them to new audiences. Highlights from the album include Elvis Costello’s rendition of “Long Distance Love” and Ben Harper’s take on “Roll ‘Um Easy.”

Critics have praised the album for its cohesive and heartfelt tributes. AllMusic highlights the uniform quality of the performances, noting that the album serves as both a reminder for devoted fans and an introduction for new listeners​ (AllMusic)​. Cover Me commends the project for balancing reverence with creativity, pointing out the strong hit-to-miss ratio and the potential to attract new fans to Lowell George’s music​ (Cover Me)​. Audiophix describes the album as a high-quality tribute that maintains the essence of George’s originals while adding personal touches from each artist, making it an engaging listen for both old fans and newcomers​ (AudioPhix)​.

Supporting Sweet Relief

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, the organization behind this tribute, is dedicated to providing financial assistance to career musicians and music industry workers who are struggling with health issues, disabilities, or age-related problems. The proceeds from the album sales go towards supporting this cause, making each purchase not only a celebration of Lowell George’s music but also a contribution to a vital support system for the music community.

For those interested in exploring this tribute album, “Long Distance Love – A Sweet Relief Tribute to Lowell George” is available for purchase at Flatiron Recordings’ shop and other major platforms. This album is a testament to the lasting influence of Lowell George and a meaningful way to support musicians in need.

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