The Zac Schulze Gang: A Rising Force in Blues Rock

The Zac Schulze Gang, a formidable trio hailing from Kent, UK, is rapidly making a name for themselves in the blues rock scene. Formed in 2020, the band comprises the electrifying guitarist and vocalist Zac Schulze, his brother Ben on drums, and Anthony Greenwell on bass. Together, they have cultivated a sound that is both a nod to the greats of the 20th century and a fresh, contemporary take on blues rock.

Their journey has been marked by fascinating collaborations and performances with notable artists. Most recently, they joined forces with blues sensation Samantha Fish for a U.S. tour, bringing their high-energy performances to new audiences across the States. This partnership underscores their growing influence and the respect they’ve garnered within the blues community​ (American Blues Scene)​​ (K-ZAP.ORG)​.

Live and Loud

The Zac Schulze Gang’s debut live album, Live and Loud, is set to be released on July 12, 2024, through Flatiron Recordings, perfectly timed for their inaugural U.S. tour. The album captures the raw energy and volume of their live performances, offering a snapshot of the band’s powerful sound. Zac Schulze mentioned that the album’s recording was serendipitous, a typical show that was later realized to be the perfect encapsulation of their musical essence​ (American Blues Scene)​.

Their ascent hasn’t been without its memorable moments. They played at the Rory Gallagher International Festival in Ballyshannon, Ireland, paying homage to one of their musical heroes. Such performances have helped them carve a unique niche in the blues rock genre, connecting with fellow enthusiasts and new fans alike​ (Cookstown Rock N Blues)​.

Musical Style and Influences

The name “The Zac Schulze Gang” reflects a sense of unity and collective mission. Influenced by legends like Dr. Feelgood and Rory Gallagher, they bring a gritty, energetic vibe to their music that appeals to both longtime blues fans and new listeners seeking something authentic and invigorating​ (K-ZAP.ORG)​​ (Guitar Interactive Magazine)​.

Their sound evokes the golden eras of the 1960s and 1970s, times of significant social and musical change. This historical connection, combined with their modern edge, makes their music both relevant and compelling today. It’s this blend of tradition and innovation that sets The Zac Schulze Gang apart in a crowded musical landscape​ (American Blues Scene)​.

The Zac Schulze Gang is not just another band; they are a revival of blues rock’s raw power and emotional depth. Their journey is one to watch, promising more electrifying performances and music that bridges the past and the present in thrilling ways. For fans of blues and rock, their music offers an experience that is both nostalgic and refreshingly new. Keep an eye out for Live and Loud on July 12, 2024, and catch them on tour—this is one band you won’t want to miss.

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