Stryper to Release First-Ever Acoustic Album, “To Hell with the Amps”

We’re thrilled to announce that the platinum Heavenly Metal rock band STRYPER will be releasing their first-ever acoustic album, To Hell with the Amps, on the Stryper Recording label distributed worldwide by Flatiron Recordings. This exciting release marks a new chapter for the legendary band, showcasing their beloved music in a fresh, intimate setting.

A Unique Listening Experience

To Hell with the Amps is a landmark release for STRYPER in several ways. Not only is it their first foray into acoustic territory, but it’s also the band’s first album to be available in Dolby Atmos. This innovative surround sound technology promises an immersive listening experience, allowing fans to appreciate the music’s nuances in a whole new way.

Classic Tracks, New Interpretations

The 11-track collection features stripped-down versions of STRYPER’s greatest hits, from high-octane anthems like “Loud & Clear” and “Soldiers Under Command” to the poignant power ballad “Honestly.” Fans can also expect a never-before-released rendition of the enduring hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

Lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter Michael Sweet expresses his enthusiasm for the project: “This record has been in the works for a long time, and we’re incredibly excited to finally share it with the world. Many of these songs were originally written on acoustic guitar, and to be able to showcase these classic tracks in a new light is something we’ve wanted to do for years.”

Taking it Live: To Hell With the Amps – The Unplugged Tour

The release of “To Hell with the Amps” coincided with STRYPER’s first-ever acoustic tour. Beginning in May 2024, the tour saw the band performing the entire acoustic album live across 18 cities nationwide. This intimate setting promised a unique and unforgettable experience for fans.


With over 10 million albums sold worldwide, STRYPER is a household name in the world of rock music. Pioneering the genre of “heavenly metal,” the band achieved mainstream success in the 1980s with Billboard Top 40 hits like “Calling on You,” “Honestly,” and “Always There for You.” They continue to maintain a devoted global fanbase, cemented by their electrifying live shows and powerful messages.

Don’t miss STRYPER’s exciting new chapter! Stay tuned for the official release date of To Hell with the Amps.

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To Hell With the Amps

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