Stryper, a Christian metal band formed in Southern California in 1983, rose to fame with their distinctive yellow and black attire and a unique blend of heavy metal and Christian lyrics. Their 1986 album “To Hell With The Devil” became a significant success, achieving multi-platinum status and helping the band to break into the mainstream. Their music, characterized by powerful melodies and faith-driven lyrics, has resonated with a broad audience, both secular and religious.

After disbanding in the 1990s due to various challenges, Stryper reunited in the early 2000s and continued to release new music and tour extensively. Their persistence in the industry is marked by a return to their heavy metal roots coupled with matured lyrical themes, contributing to ongoing relevance in the music scene. Despite changes in lineup and the music industry over the years, Stryper has maintained a dedicated fan base and has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, affirming their enduring impact on the genres of both Christian music and heavy metal.

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CD and Cassette available June 7, 2024